• Big Red Shuttle

    Cornell's first free, student-initiated, late-night transportation service for students in need of a safe ride home

  • Shuttle Route

    Route begins at RPCC at 12AM and runs until 3AM

    The shuttle stops at Baker Flagpole approximately every 10 minutes

    Please note we do not list any specific schedule because schedule fluctuates due to various factors such as number of riders, needs of riders, and possibilities of emergency situations, etc. However, wherever you are, you can expect us to get to you within 20 minutes.

  • About Us

    By students, for students!

    Our Mission

    Late Night Safe Rides

    The Big Red Shuttle was originally founded in 2011 under the Cornell Women's Resource Center, providing students with free late-night transportation during exam periods. However, the need for additional means of late- night transportation with flexible pick-up and drop-off points has become clear.


    Our objective is to expand the Big Red Shuttle from an academic-only resource to one that provides safe, timely and free transportation to Cornell students in need of a safe ride home. Our ultimate goal is to promote a safer campus climate to prevent alcohol-related incidents and sexual assault.


    By expanding the Big Red Shuttle, we strive to cater to Cornell-affiliated undergraduate and graduate students of all genders, sexual orientations, majors, ages, races, national origins and organizational affiliations. The Big Red Shuttle runs more frequently than the TCAT and provides a safe, reliable and free alternative to Ithaca taxi companies.

    What to Expect on the Shuttle

    It's a big WHITE shuttle!

    While we have the name 'Big Red Shuttle,' the vehicle is actually a white bus* One of the student managers should announce that we are the Big Red Shuttle at any given stop, so you can be sure it is safe to board what may look like an unmarked vehicle.


    The Big Red Shuttle is completely free and no ID is required. We have free bottles of water on the shuttle (and other amenities like tissues and nausea bags if necessary).


    The consumption of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco on the Big Red Shuttle is not allowed. We want to ensure that the Shuttle can be a safe and positive environment for all riders.


    Big Red Shuttle believes that our student managers will serve as active bystanders and help ensure the safety of Cornell students. If you ever have any concerns while on the Shuttle, the student managers (who welcome you on the bus) are more than happy to help!


    *Big Red Shuttle does not own our own vehicle, we rent the shuttle from a local bus service so the exact vehicle may vary

  • Meet Our Team!

    100% Caring Student Staff



    Information Science + CS

    Manager since 2019

    Also involved with Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, Campus Activities Resource Center




    Manager since 2018

    Also involved with Cornell Annual Fund, Assorted Aces Dance Troupe, BreakFree Hip Hop



    Pre-Med Biological Sciences + Business Minor

    Manager since 2016

    Also involved in Cru and PhiDE




    Biology and Society

    Manager since 2018

    Also involved with Biology Scholars Program and is an HEOP Ambassador



    Development Sociology

    Manager since 2019

    Also involved with Greek Life + Greek Judicial Board, CALS curriculum committee, Lead For America, and Club Ice Hockey




    Biology & Society

    Manager since 2019

    Also involved with African Dance Repertoire, BOSS, and Nigerian Student Association



    Operations Research

    Manager since 2016

    Also involved in CS department, Women in Computing at Cornell, Christian Union



    Environmental Engineering

    Manager since 2016

    Also involved with Agua Clara, Cru, National Society for Black Engineers



    Asian Studies

    Manager since 2019

    Also involved with Phi Sigma Pi Honors Fraternity and Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity




    Manager since 2018

    Also involved with Women's Resource Center, Greek Life, Cornell Social Consultants, Colleges Against Cancer



    Environmental and Sustainability Sciences

    Manager since 2019

    Also involved with Ballet & Books & Greek Life




    Science & Technology Studies

    Manager since 2016

    Also involved with Water Polo, M.E.Ch.A de Cornell, D.R.E.A.M Team, & Roosevelt Institute



    Policy Analysis and Management

    Manager since 2019

    Also involved with Big Red Ambassadors, Alpha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, AED Pre-Health Honors Society, Greek Life, PATCH




    Manager since 2019

    Also involved with APO, Cornell Historical Society, Cornell Undergraduate Labor Institute, Cornell Tradition Fellow, BSU



    Spanish and History

    Manager since 2019

    Also involved with Slope Media Group and Cornell International Relations Society



    Information Science

    Manager since 2016

    Also involved with Haven: Cornell's LGBTQ+ Student Union, Info Sci TA

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